Message From Governor Vicki Nov 12

I have submitted this "Special E-Blast" communication to discuss the nominations process with you all.  As we are all still in the throws of our national election, it is with the same enthusiasm I would hope that you, the members, would address our upcoming election.  In April at our annual Conference, we have the opportunity to vote in the members of the Nominating Committee.  It is important to get these positions filled as these women will have an important job to do over the next two years. 
What is that job, you might ask.  Well, the nominating committee is comprised of a coordinator, currently Trudy Mills of Soroptimist International of Tahoe Sierra, and one member from each of our 6 districts.  The term of the office is 2 years.  This committee is charged with nominating qualified members for region office or as a member of the nominating committee as in the case this year.  The nominees may be presented from a club or from any of it's members, including self nomination.  The committee can make nominations as well. You can nominate someone from another club. The due date of a nomination is November 15th.  So time is of the essence.
So I ask you:
1.  Are you ready to take on a region position on the nominating committee?  If yes or even maybe, nominate yourself.
2.  Do you know a member that is interested in serving on this committee?  If yes, nominate them.
3.  Do you know of a member that would be good at this, go ahead and nominate them.
A nomination is the starting point for someone interested.  The nominations committee will ask the individual if they are interested and answer any questions they might have.  The nomination has to be accepted and the member qualified as eligible to run (i.e., in good standing) to become a nominee.
Trudy's email is       
In my effort this biennium to develop leaders, this is one of those moments.  This is a chance to try something new, work with other members in the region and grow in your skills.
Please encourage a member to consider running or put your name in the hat if you want to be a part of my team.
Governor Vicki
SNR Governor 2016-2018