Message From Governor Vicki Nov 15

Ok, so a few corrections to make this week.  I had an important E-Blast go out this past weekend (thank you Tracey Edwards for "working" on your weekend) regarding our nominations process.  I hope it may have inspired a few of you or maybe more than a few of you to consider running for the Nominations Committee. But apparently the link to our Coordinator Trudy was misspelled.  Trudy's correct email address for those "just in under the wire" nominations is  Thank you to Barbara A. for letting me know.
There is another correction to let you all in on.  As I hope you know, we are set up and ready to go with hotel reservations for our Conference 2017 at the Atlantis Casino Spa Resort in April 2017.  You can make your hotel room reservations now!  We are back on the "volleyball" girls weekend and the hotel will sell out.  So, we arranged with the Atlantis to make the room reservations available earlier than ever before.  But...the group code has changed on us.  Not sure why, but we are Soroptimists and can roll with the changes.  So, if you want to make your hotel reservation now (and I encourage you to do so), here is the link: and use the code SOROP17 to get the negotiated Soroptimist price.  If you call in, you must mention "Soroptimist" or give them the code. And please remember that if you must cancel your reservation, please contact Governor Elect Lane who is our Conference Coordinator.  She will be able to cancel your reservation and hold that room for another Soroptimist.  If you cancel direct with the hotel, the room is lost to our group.
Okay, ladies, that's it for now.  Thanks for reading and sharing the latest Region news.
Governor Vicki
SNR Governor 2016-2018