Jolt of SOLT (Soroptimist Orientation Leadership Training)

Jolt of SOLT (Soroptimist Orientation Leadership Training)

Welcome back to your JOLT of SOLT!!! So March is here and conference is coming up fast. I’m was so excited to see all the entries that I received for the Evelyn Holland Recognition for SOLT award!!! You guys are doing some awesome stuff out there!!

So with that said, I was having a tough time deciding on what to do for this month’s JOLT!! - Then it came to me! Have you ever just gone thru and read the club newsletters from other clubs??? The ones in the E-Blast??? They are a wealth of information! Let me just say I learned a lot from those newsletters! I love reading what all the clubs are doing. Here is what I learned from the most recent club newsletters:

SI Chico – I learned they have a ton of awesome programs but most recently they hosted Martial Arts Grandmaster Farshad Azad where he spoke on how his programs help children and teens improve their lives through the practice and application of the principles of martial arts in their daily lives.

SI Carson City – They have a program where they “Honor a Girl of the Month”. Honoring High School Seniors from Carson High School each month who have achieved academic excellence, exemplary citizenship thru community service and help at home. At the end of the year they choose one of the students for a $1000 scholarship.

SI Elk Grove – I was so happy to see an article on a Pinch of SOLT talking about the Live Your Dream Award’s history and a picture of the 2017 award winner Alicia Kafka who received $1000 check to help with her education in Public Relations and Communications.

SI Folsom Eldorado Hills – I learned this club joined with SI Loomis Basin and SI Rancho Cordova Gold River to create care packages for women who were incarcerated. WOW!

SI Greater Las Vegas – President Trudy and Treasurer Barbara are going to travel to Carson City on April 27 to meet with Nevada legislators. They are inviting anyone who is coming in early for conference to join them!

SI Greater Sacramento – They are in the final planning stages for their 2nd annual Dream It, Be Itprogram.  They just did a presentation to Luther Burbank High School teachers to help recruit students to the program. Oh yeah – another cool thing!! They have a book club! Love that!

SI Lincoln – They recently held a Purses for Purpose event but what caught my eye was not the purses but the pictures of the recycled “Trash” couture. They had members of the Lincoln High School S Club model awesome and creative outfits made entirely from recycled materials! You just have to see the pictures!! Seriously – check out the Jiffy Peanut Butter outfit!

SI Sacramento – For nearly 90 years - SI Sacramento has contributed to funding scholarships for women – and even some men!

SI Tahoe Sierra – They are celebrating their 40th Birthday this month!! They also set up a special fund in the name of a local teacher who recently passed to fund their Summer Reading Program to now include two books instead of one for kindergarten through 3rd grade students.

SI Truckee Donner – Had a recap of their District 5 winter meeting where they discussed sex trafficking and the Dream it Be it program and how to expand their efforts. Then they had a program meeting in February on how the Dream It, Be It program came about. – (SOLT Program) – Just sayin!!

SI Truckee Meadows – Hosted their 10th Annual Making a Difference for Women event – that provides workshops for unemployed and under-employed women that included the do’s & don’ts of interviewing, money matters, and a fashion show illustrating the correct attire for various jobs. The event concluded with a clothes closet where attendees could shop for clothing, shoes and purses to help them in getting the job!

That’s some good stuff right there! So if you are ever in need of some ideas or just want to see what other clubs are doing in Soroptimist – check out the newsletters!! Until April – this has been your JOLT of SOLT!!


Stacey Yurmanovic-Sawyer

Sierra Nevada Region SOLT Coordinator




March 1, 2017 Applications due to Region Coordinator: Stacey Yurmanovic-Sawyer

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