Message from the Governor April 4, 2017


Member recruitment is not something that is just a committee's job.  Its an all club effort at all times.  We are recruiting, in some respect, each time we act on the behalf of our organization.  So why do women join?  There are many unique reasons. Soroptimist International of the Americas has reported back to us in the past noting surveys asking women why they join Soroptimist.   The  "easy" answer was to have fun while working toward a common goal with like minded women.  When others see us having fun, they want to be a part of it. 

So although our annual conference isn't necessarily a recruitment event, we still want to have fun.   On Friday night of our 2017 Conference, we are putting on a Lip Sync Contest as Governor Elect Lane mentioned last week. I'm mentioning it again this week due to the limited space we have for "acts".  You will thoroughly enjoy watching our fellow Soroptimists having a blast as they "perform" their song or as you are on the stage.  The beauty of Lip Syncing is that you don't have to have any singing talent what-so-ever and no one will ever know.  You just have to be willing to have fun.

So, here's your chance to have some of that fun you signed up for.  Master of Ceremonies Stacey Sawyer is ready to hear from you, in fact, I think her club has already signed up.

One housekeeping item this week....there was a typo in the Call to Conference regarding the Nominations.  These women are not running for District Director positions, at least not yet ;)  They are running for the position of Nominating Committee Member for their district.  I know that the vast majority of you knew this already and probably didn't even notice the typo.  The correction has been made to the Call to Conference on the SNR Website.

Thank you all and have a wonderful fun-filled week.


Governor Vicki

SNR Governor 2016-2018