SNR Membership Information

SNR Membership Information

Dear Sierra Nevada Region Members,

Last summer, Soroptimist International of Americas named Sierra Nevada a Healthy Region. We also were given the goal of increasing our clubs and members by May 31, 2018:

55 Total Clubs

1,659 Total Members

Thank you for all for your efforts so far this year on new club building, recruitment and retention! Growing our membership is essential to increasing our collective impact and reaching even more women and girls with our Dream Programs. As we enter the final four months of the Board-assigned time period, the membership committee would like to check in on your progress and offer support from our team.


As of December 31, 2017, our region’s membership numbers are:

54 Total Clubs

1,500 Total Members

Our region made goal on increasing to 55 Total clubs with Soroptimist Fernley joining us on February 11, 2018!

In addition, our region should add 159 additional new members to meet our goal for total members. Please share with your club, and encourage a final push for new members this year. I am available to brainstorm recruitment and retention ideas to boost your membership numbers.

Governor Vicki is proud of the progress that we have made over the last year or so. Thank you for the contributions to our region you have made to improve your membership performance. I look forward to working together to achieve our goals and maintain healthy regions, so that our organization will be stronger than ever.

Remember to take the time to breathe and reconnect with your members. Fundraising for your Dream Programs with the focus on woman and girls is our mission. Remember Soroptimist is a non-profit, we need to raise funds for our mission. I understand the communities that you serve also need funds. Take a look at what you give, can you cut back on those donations to not burn out members?

As always, let me know how we may be of most support to you and your members!

Jackie Sillman

SIA/SNR Membership Chair