E-Blast Submission Guidelines

E-Blast Submission Guidelines
Deadline for the weekly Blast - By the 12th or 27th of the month. Blasts will go out the 1st and 15th of each month. Email your blasts to snrblast@gmail.com
A few pointers and notes for a successful E-Blast submission:
  • Keep your intro short and place it in your email. Most of the information should be on an attached document like a call, newsletter or flyer. 
  • I cut and paste - please proof- read!
  • Specify if it is for the General E-Blast or Officers E-Blast
  • Your Attachments can be a Web Link. Don't have software to do that?? Send it in PDF and I will kindly ask our Webmistress.
  • Attachments can be no larger than 5.0 mb.
  • And if you don't see it - email one of us. You never know when that Cyber-Monster will eat something!