Always be ready to learn something new…

I am a firm believer in learning something new all the time.  If we are stagnant and not willing to learn new things and look at things differently, then we start to wither.  Of course, as I ‘mature’, I occasionally question the practice of putting more information into my brain for fear of other important information ‘falling out’ when I need it!!! But at least I am thinking and learning….

What I learned this week was some great tips on ‘communicating’ from Kate Doscher at the District 2 meeting on Saturday, September 22.  She was the keynote speaker. How important is communication?  Learning the ins and out of proper communication can mean the difference between failing or succeeding in almost every aspect of life!!  When we are misunderstood, there can be all sorts of results that we didn’t intend. This is particularly important when communicating with club members and attracting new members! Kate gave us some great tips on how to be received well, including: 1) The responsibility of being correctly understood rests on the shoulders of the communicator and 2) how inflection in your voice can make you much more interesting to others! There were also tips on how to control some conversations at club meetings that may bog down the progress of the meeting.

We are happy to tell you that Kate will be a speaker at our Soroptimist Development Retreat next July (July 27-28, 2019).  It’s never too early to save the date and start planning on (and budgeting for) sending members of your club.  It’s not just for officers, there’s so much information for everyone and thanks to Jackie Sillman, our coordinator, there’s plenty of fun to be had as well!!

And how cute it this cookie?!! They were made by Cherie Stevens of Stevens Farmhouse, a member of SI Marysville Yuba City for the first time attendees at the District 2 meeting!  You rock!!

Stephens Farmhouse

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