“Joy cup”

As our new club year’s start, here is my wish for your club:  I wish that you find the friendship and bonding that can come with a group of women working together towards the same goal and mission of helping women and girls.  My most memorable version of this experience was felt working on our first region Symposium on Trafficking in 2011 with Joanne Tremelling.  We had women from different clubs coming together and everyone contributed and it was such a great experience and sense of accomplishment.  I’m sure you feel some form of this with your club, but maybe it’s time for a little ‘warm and fuzzy’.  Have a social event and encourage everyone to come; Or have a ‘share’ when everyone tells about something that means a lot to them, maybe bringing a physical item to illustrate it;  Or how about doing  an icebreaker the where everyone goes around and tells something nice about the person next to them (I think there is something similar to this in the Dream It, Be It curriculum.)  In this politically charged time, it is important that we focus on the things that bind us together, not those that divide us.  Let’s cherish each other. We need our circle of women!  At least I do!  I am so grateful for my Soroptimist friendships!  My world is so much bigger because of all of you that have touched my life!  —

Where did all this come from?  From a simple quote I got from past District Director Jerri Curradi, who texted me today telling me about a grant that her club is in the running for. She is also the lead in starting a new club in the Wheatland area.  I complimented her on her successes and her reply was “It is that fantastic Soroptimist Synergy!  It fills my ‘joy cup’, for sure!”   I wish that feeling for each of you!!!

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