Expanding your horizons

Our first fall district meeting is in the books!

I am on the flight home from Las Vegas and feeling energized about this last year of the biennium. The interaction with other Soroptimists around the region is my motivation. I love being a part of the Region Leadership team. It fills me up to go to clubs like Pahrump Valley and be so warmly welcomed!

I am enthused about the future of the region because even though membership numbers are not what we wish they were, our members are engaged and your region leadership is passionate about their work.

I encourage more members to volunteer for a region coordinator role or an officer position. Have you ever stepped out of your usual routine to learn something new? Remember how fulfilling it was to accomplish something new? I can’t express enough how personally rewarding it is to make lifelong friendships and hope that you are making a difference helping clubs fulfill our mission. Please consider it! You can start small by being on a committee or being a committee coordinator for the region. Or if you have served as a club president, what about running for district director?

You won’t regret it!

Governor Lane

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